I can’t find the word, but any of you who work in social constantly on some nice accounts with lots of interaction and visibility plus great engagement will know exactly the feeling I am trying (most inadequately) to describe. It’s that sinking/heart attack/cold sweat/mushy brain effect that happens when a very specific set of circumstances arise:

  1. You have got a content to divulge that is ace material. You know it is ace material. And you are going to think long and hard about how to achieve maximum effect with your ace material.
  2. You intentionally over-excite your audience with teaser posts – to create expectation and to keep attention focused on your space (‘cos you know that you content is aaaaamazing).
  3. You build that excitemente for a couple of hours, calculating the time-frame carefully knowing that the majority of your target audience is on the wrong side of the pond and at least 7 hours behind, so your run into early evening with your teasing.
  4. You even boldly ask for a crazy high number of likes on the post before divulging your great content (admittedly, a massively egocentrical behaviour, but it feels good when you reach and exceed your “crazy high number”).
  5. You start preparing the “big-wow-factor” post with the aaaaamazing content …
  6. And, now and only now you realise that you aaaaamazing content has a humongous spelling mistake that could be detected from outerspace without a telescope, that the error coincidentally actually spells another word (that happens a lot in English) that makes the message highly damaging AND the error is contained within a complex grafic image over which you have absolutely no control, and as it is now early evening, any chances of a quick&dirty, help-me-or-I’ll-die with your graphic designer is not realistically going to happen.
  7. And the likes, comments and general engagement are bubbling out of control.

Been there? Done that?

Sweaty palms, shaky legs, total brain shutdown, gooey stomach issues, chest spasms …

What I love about my job is the continual and relentless speed at which content is created, is divulged and shared and spread.

What I hate about my job is the continual and relentless speed at which content is created, is divulged and shared and spread.

What I have recently learned to love about my job is that the social world has the memory span of a goldfish. Hallelujah.

Did I climb out of it gracefully? Of course, we social-types nearly always do (it’s the inexperienced interns that companies hire to manage their social comunications that do real hardcore damage). The (hastily modified with a chisel and hammer) aaaamazing content went out late at night, I followed it enough to make sure that it was still perceived as aaaamazing despite being nipped and tucked haphazardly. And retired. This morning I had confirmation with massive overnight, over-the-pond positive engagement – yep, I tricked the world! Yay for me. And now it’s nearly 11 the next day, who even remembers what happened 18 hours ago? But what is that word I am looking for that implies impending social suicide, web doom, social auto-destruction on live streaming …? It’s different from committing a social faux-pas and finding out after the fact. It’s not an #epicfail, it’s conscious awareness of an impending #epicefail. Way worse. This is when you know you are possibly on course to slam into a social tsunami of trolls on high alert, and you either lie down and die or fight for surrvival.

If you have any ideas do share. It’s gonna be a damn useful hashtag for me.

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