Living the Dolce Vita

Words from the Italian school system that cause me grief

24 Mar , 2014  

Before we start – this is not a better then/worse than post. This is a post by a foreign national trying to come to grips with a school system that is totally alien to everything I know. I can learn how to eat, drink, play, work Italian – I can do all those things now. […]


Living the Dolce Vita

I can’t read …

25 Feb , 2014  

… Italian writing. Actually I can’t write Italian writing either. Writing admittedly is ever more a skill of the past (I had to “write” a note the other day to someone, with a pen. It was indescribably hard. Give me a keyboard, touch screen, swype pad whatever, but I am no longer any good at […]

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Social Web 2.0

Hootsuite – probabilmente l’unico social media manager per le PMI italiane

21 Feb , 2014  

E si. Solo Hootsuite offre una piattaforma raggiungibile economicamente per le PMI. Quando farete il salto grande per usare un vero social media manager come dio commanda (spendendo diverse centinaia di euri al mese) avrete l’imbarazzo della scelta. Ma per partire, c’è Hootsuite. Meglio, c’è la versione GRATIS di Hootsuite, che per capire come va […]

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The Florentine Newspaper

The volunteer economy

24 Jan , 2014  

The Florentine – article » The volunteer economy The volunteer economy. How can we help? by Suzi Jenkins (issue no. 195/2014 / January 16, 2014). Read the article

Social Web 2.0

Surreal conversations about TripAdvisor

22 Oct , 2013  

I love watching for great posts about TripAdvisor in my hootsuite steam. Mixed up among all the self-congratulatory blah blah blah, and the “please give us a review” blah blah blah, are some little gems. This week I found this one. My curiosity was simply to understand whether he was a TripAdvisor user trying to […]

The Florentine Newspaper

The Dan Brown Economy

4 Oct , 2013  

ECONOMY + SOCIETY The Dan Brown Economy How a book became a business BY SUZI JENKINS Take a tour through hell! It is far too tempting an opportunity to pass over: Inferno is a blockbuster book set mostly in Florence, based on Dante’s literary masterpiece and written by a popular, internationally famous author. How could there […]

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What not to do on TripAdvisor

4 Oct , 2013  

I am always banging on relentlessly about what you should be doing on review platforms, so today I though I would mix it up a bit with an example of what not to do. Whilst perusing my Hootsuite Account (with 20 tabs and 10 streams per tab I continually astound myself that I do actually […]

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Barilla Schmarilla

27 Sep , 2013  

What a lot of tosh. The entire planet has done it again – worked free of charge for a company expressing itself inadequately (probably quite accurately, but very inadequately), and everyone has done their damnedest to ensure that EVERYONE EVERYWHERE knows the name Barilla. In two months time, 99.9993% of the world’s population (100 – […]

Living the Dolce Vita

I need new school-leavers with useful skills …

23 Sep , 2013  

If I win the lottery (unlikely as I don’t buy tickets) I will open a school that will provide graduating students with useful skills that are closely connected with our 2013 life and the available jobs in growth industries instead of the 50 year-behind rubbish (singing hymns and learning all the rivers in Norway?) that is […]

Social Web 2.0

TripAdvisor prints rubbish, it’s official (but then so do I …)

19 Sep , 2013  

One sunny, whilst taking my daily constitutional in twitterland, I came across something that made me smile, thanks to @david_goddin;   I have to say that I do sometimes think of myself of the Queen of Brilliant Replies on TripAdvisor. Unfortunately I can’t show you any here, as we write brilliant replies on behalf (and […]

Living the Dolce Vita

A work-induced, end of August rant.

21 Aug , 2013  

In Florence we have collectively managed to define a new race “the tourist”. My line of work frequently brings me into contact with credible, eloquent well-educated people who often define and confirm the ethnic, linguistic, cultural, intellectual and behavioural traits of the “the tourist”. Here they are, in no particular order: They are loud. They […]

Living the Dolce Vita

August should be a month not a mentality …

31 Jul , 2013  

When I came to Florence (twenty years ago … shhhhh) August was total shut down. Not a fly flew, not bird breathed, not a person made a peep. Having recently arrived from a job in London where the standard 15 days holiday a year (which I took in pay rather than days, like many others), […]