The Florentine Newspaper

Coffee Italian style

12 May , 2005  

BY SUZI JENKINS (ISSUE NO. 4/2005 / MAY 12, 2005) You would never have believed anything so simple as having a coffee could possibly be so complicated; but once you really understand Italian coffee you too will appreciate and indeed hold in great esteem the greatest of all Italian rituals – “prendere un caffè” (having a coffee) […]

The Florentine Newspaper

May in Tuscany

5 May , 2005  

BY SUZI JENKINS (ISSUE NO. 3/2005 / MAY 5, 2005) Bright and early on a May morning, somewhere in the Tuscan countryside, a little band of children is gathering … more

The Florentine Newspaper

Italian street numbering

21 Apr , 2005  

BY SUZI JENKINS (ISSUE NO. 1/2005 / APRIL 21, 2005) Via, Viale, Piazza – these are the Italian equivalents of Road, Street, Gardens, Avenue, etc. Fortunately for us there are fewer in Italian than in English, and by far the commonest are Via (street) and Piazza (square) … more