Schools are out. Over. Gone. Three (three???) totally ridiculous months of nothingness (this is the mother in me speaking). I hate absolutely hate it. I totally love it. Let me explain.

Me. Thinking just about me for a second. School is out from the end of June until the 15th September. And believe me I am lucky. Mine is at Scuola Materna, PC-revised Scuola dell’Infanzia (but no-one actually calls it that). We get until the end of June, but the poor sods that have +6 year olds have their kids out and about from the beginning of June. We are talking in terms of MONTHS of holiday. MONTHS. And ridiculously over-holidayed as Italian employees are (30-40 days a year), no-one can take months off. Hello Nonni-Economy!  The poor kids and staff get to the end of the year (beginning of June) beyond tired; fractious, irritable, suicidal and seriously unpleasant.

Me. Still thinking about me. For one more second. Early morning traffic melts into nothingness. The 13.20 from Florence to Pontassieve (previously occupied by smelly 13- 18 year old obnoxious, vocal, physically invasive, sexually over-stimulated under-active, entirely horrible beings) becomes a haven of peace – you could do yoga, seriously. Post 4pm activities are once again possible; I can go the local supermarket without fighting my way through waves of under-dressed, over make-upped, seriously coiffeured, very intense 8-year-old ballet dancers. Just for three months in the summer, you can possibly live Florence and its suburbs, as God (or whoever) intended, without school-children and the havoc that they wreak.

Ok – I’m done. Thank you for hearing me out. #feelingbetter


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