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The volunteer economy

24 Jan , 2014  

The Florentine – article » The volunteer economy The volunteer economy. How can we help? by Suzi Jenkins (issue no. 195/2014 / January 16, 2014). Read the article

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The Dan Brown Economy

4 Oct , 2013  

ECONOMY + SOCIETY The Dan Brown Economy How a book became a business BY SUZI JENKINS Take a tour through hell! It is far too tempting an opportunity to pass over: Inferno is a blockbuster book set mostly in Florence, based on Dante’s literary masterpiece and written by a popular, internationally famous author. How could there […]

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The Nonni economy – keeping Italy alive

23 May , 2013  

The nonni economy Grandparents to the rescue BY SUZI JENKINS  (ISSUE NO. 184/2013 / MAY 23, 2013) The Italian Nonni (grandparents) are a real reason that Italy is just about hanging in there. Whilst the  young and qualified are getting out of Italy as fast as they can, let’s hope the grandparents stay put for a while yet, […]

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Those damn foreigners who are stealing our jobs …

28 Mar , 2013  

Immigrant labour is on the increase and why it’s a good thing BY SUZI JENKINS  (ISSUE NO. 180/2013 / MARCH 28, 2013) I guess I might be one of them. Sorry to whoever’s job I have stolen. If you would like to talk about flexi-time or a rota system, I would be more than willing  … Stealing jobs […]

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Let’s all band together and fight everyone in the whole world …

11 Oct , 2012  

ECONOMY + SOCIETY Power to the people The anxiety of TripAdvisor reviews BY SUZI JENKINS  (ISSUE NO. 170/2012 / OCTOBER 11, 2012) User-generated content is scaring the pants off hotel and restaurant owners here in Tuscany. Anyone can say what they want, in front of anyone. Well actually, that’s not really a new thing, we have all been […]

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Family businesses – tough to run, tough to beat

7 Jun , 2012  

Blood is thicker than water BY SUZI JENKINS (ISSUE NO. 165/2012 / JUNE 7, 2012) For Florentine business, it’s all in the family Sometimes the best innovation is right under our noses and we just need help seeing it. At a time when economists are desperately searching for sustainable business models that go beyond corporate social responsibility, […]

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Digital Tuscany

26 Apr , 2012  

BY SUZI JENKINS (ISSUE NO. 162/2012 / APRIL 26, 2012) By now it’s understood that if Italy’s economy is going to have any kind of future, we have to make some pretty giant leaps in terms of digital acceptance, appreciation and infrastructure … more

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Greening Tuscany

2 Feb , 2012  

BY SUZI JENKINS (ISSUE NO. 156/2012 / FEBRUARY 2, 2012) Coming to grips with the 3Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle … more

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Flat-packed solvency packages?

15 Dec , 2011  

BY SUZI JENKINS (ISSUE NO. 154/2011 / DECEMBER 15, 2011) What would you say if a multinational company offered you a 60-million-euro investment when your country was on the brink of financial disaster? … more

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Tying the knot in Tuscany

27 Oct , 2011  

BY SUZI JENKINS (ISSUE NO. 151/2011 / OCTOBER 27, 2011) Although the peak wedding season is now over, an upcoming trade fair in Florence will keep brides-to-be, whether foreign or native, shopping around for wedding-related products and services the whole year long … more

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Is Florence fit for business?

29 Sep , 2011  

BY SUZI JENKINS (ISSUE NO. 149/2011 / SEPTEMBER 29, 2011) A game Florence can win, one trade fair at a time … more